About us
Our Company "Moxie Engineering Pvt. Ltd" is incorporated under Companies Act "1956". We are located in the Northern Part of India, in the state of Punjab. We are having complete range of solutions for the Metal cutting Industry. Our Complete range consist of Turning, Milling, Drilling products from Japan's leading Brand 'Tungaloy Corporation.

We are having best range of solid Carbide products which we procure from Europe and Taiwan. These are one of the best range of solid carbide products. No one can match the performance and Economics with our product range. We also provide 'Tool Holding' solutions like ER callet Chuks, Power Milling Chucks, Shrink Fits, Side lock Adopter etc. from best brands in the world.

We offer complete range of industrial maintenance products like Speciality Lubricants, Welding electrodes, corrosion resistant sprays, Epoxies, Putties etc. With our range of Nische Products, we want to be preferred supplier to the Indian Industry.
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